Money, money, money

I was going to bugger off and not post here again, but...

It's been over 6 months since my previous post, as I've been pretty much underwhelmed by the lack of an audience in this digital wasteland and almost decided to call it a day and stop wasting my time. It's like I spend more time writing than you readers spend reading - combined!

For some reason I logged in to Blogger to have a final look and maybe shut this thing down, and in the process I went off to Adsense and there it was: my first blogging cent, US$ 0.01! Now I only need to keep going like this for roughly 200 000 000 years, and I'll be a millionaire. Maybe I'll keep on keeping on, after all. But it sure does look like I'll have to find that elusive phase 2. Maybe I'll switch to collecting underpants...

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