Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

I've used and tweaked open source software, sometimes even throwing in a line of code towards making software better, for a good while now. And a lot of that time has been spent reading mailing lists, forums and bug trackers, not always happily.


The Book Of Souls

Looks like my first proper blog post turns out to be an album review. And as there aren't many bands that I've followed quite like Iron Maiden, ever since my first encounters with Live After Death and Somewhere In Time at a young age (wow, that's 30 years ago), it's pretty appropriate that I'm looking at the latest "The Steve Harris Sextet" has to offer.


Out Of The Shadows

So, I've jumped on the blogwagon, something like 15 years late. Not that the interwebs is in any way a new thing to me, as I've maintained some kind of HTML presence since around 1994 or so. Never did use Gopher for anything except reading, though.

But this is a kind of a new start, an experiment if you will. No hand-tweaking HTML and CSS or cooking up PHP code to display stuff, or not as much as before, so this might even be updated now and then...