Building an Iceman, chapter 1 - Knock on Wood

The winter is gone for a while (I hope), and the temperature in my basement is on the rise towards woodworking-friendly levels. Always better to not have your fingers stiff from the cold when trying to get stuff done. So, of course I started my second guitar build.


Building an Iceman, chapter 0 - A Design for Life

"Well planned is halfway done" is a Finnish proverb. And that's pretty much bull droppings. It's usually not even started. Not that planning isn't a good thing, but it assumes you know everything beforehand. Which usually isn't the case...


Elektronik supersonik

Revisiting the past, going back 80 years to the beginnings of electronic musical instruments to pick up a little something.


Generation Swine

This is what you might get when you put rock stars in a studio and give them creative freedom.