Money, money, money

I was going to bugger off and not post here again, but...


Generation Swine

This is what you might get when you put rock stars in a studio and give them creative freedom.


Building a Telecaster, Chapter 5 - Blunt Instruments #1701

So... here we are. A guitar is assembled. Time for some post mortem on the project.


Building a Telecaster - chapter 3, Dreaming of Wires

This being an electric guitar, it obviously needs some electronics. I've pretty much decided to go with a single coil bridge pickup and a splittable humbucker in the neck position.


In the Lap of the Gods

I've been thinking on and off about building some kind of instrument. And as I'm a mediocre woodworker at best, I have to aim at the low-hanging fruit. So, lap steel it will be.